A fresh perspective for our community

Northern Utah has been a wonderful place to live and own a business, and the people of Cache Valley and the surrounding communities have been very supportive of me and my family. Giving back to my community through public service isn’t optional. It is the way I demonstrate my gratitude and a vital element of being a good citizen. I recently read an article submitted by my good friend, Jay Monson, who said “People need to take a turn.” It is an honor and privilege to take my turn in serving the community I love by running for the District 25 Senate Seat.

I believe it is time for a senator willing to lead by seeking input from voters, then demonstrate the dedication and humility to implement the will of the people. I believe it is time that voters were truly heard. I want to ensure that our voice – our values, our concerns – are represented on Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City.

It’s time for a senator who truly listens.

The success of our family business has always been contingent upon listening to our customers in order to help them have the best possible experience. I believe our business model of listening, gathering and evaluating the information received, acting upon what has been heard and understood, and monitoring outcomes to ensure that they are efficient and effective in meeting goals can be applied to public service.I also believe strongly in the power of bringing people together. There is strength when unity is achieved through listening carefully and respectfully to diverse opinions and perspectives. I believe complex issues facing our community can be solved through the unification of public and government entities, businesses, education, and private citizens.

Logan Canyon in the fall
Utah State Senator Chris Wilson with his wife.

My Values

Over the past five years I’ve participated more intently with the legislative process working with issues that affect my industry and community. I’ve come to appreciate the political process but feel we need more accountability and transparency in government. Rather than placing this responsibility on others, I’ve chosen to increase my personal involvement. I hope to encourage others to become more aware and engaged in matters with the potential to influence those things we value most, recognizing that if we aren’t willing to sacrifice for our beliefs, it is our beliefs that will be sacrificed.

Conservative Principles to Manage Coming Growth

Now, more than ever, we need to prepare for the future. Economists predict that the population in Cache Valley will double in the next thirty years. It is important that we have a plan to manage this growth while maintaining the identity and values of our individual communities.

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We need to address road infrastructure that can withstand the pressure of explosive growth. This will require a Senator committed to advocating for the needs of Northern Utah in budget allocations for years to come. In addition to taking necessary steps to safeguard the sustainability of our resources and quality of our air, we need a fiscally responsible plan that focuses on creating access to outstanding educational and employment opportunities. There is no better investment we can make in our future than in providing our teachers with the resources they need to implement innovative, personalized ways of teaching and preparing our children for the jobs of the future.

The best way for us to benefit from the investment we make in our children’s education is to ensure employment opportunities that allow them to stay here and raise their own families in this wonderful community. Utah’s economy is booming, but Cache Valley has lagged behind. The median income in the valley is $13,000 less than the state-wide average. In order to attract industry that will bring higher paying jobs, we need to create a shared vision with business, city, and county officials, Utah State University, and Bridgerland Technical College. 

I look forward to the opportunity of meeting and working with you as together we create a bright, bold future for our community.

Utah State University with Wellsville mountain range in the background