Chris Wilson's Priorities


It's time for a fresh perspective.

Education must remain a high priority. Current and future generations need a leader who will listen and implement policy changes that impact today as well as the next 30 years. There is no better investment we can make in our future than in providing our teachers with the resources they need to implement innovative, personalized ways of teaching and preparing our children for the jobs of the future. Local control and supporting parent’s choice is more important now than ever before as we apply the lessons we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic effects on education.

Lower Taxes

It’s time for lower taxes and less government.

As CEO of Wilson Motor, a third-generation small business in Logan, I know the importance of low taxes and small government. We see it time and time again – when government gets out of the way, businesses succeed. From car dealers, to ranchers and farmers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds, industries – and our economy – benefit from reduced taxes and regulations.

Utah has demonstrated its economic resilience in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe as a legislature we can continue to overcome the temporary downturn by cutting expenses and increasing accountability and transparency in government, not by raising taxes on businesses or families.

Term Limits

It’s time for term limits.

I believe strongly in term limits, and I am committed to serve no more than 3 terms. I am free from political entanglements and I will not yield to special interests. I will not personally profit from public service! When I finish my time in office, all remaining campaign donations will be given to support charities in our community.

My pledge is to end my public service with the same sentiment expressed by Thomas Jefferson: “I have the consolation of having added nothing to my private fortune during my public service and of retiring with hands as clean as they are empty.”


It’s time for greater community engagement.

I am committed to assisting those in need. In addition to many other projects, I have worked in support of the Cache Community Food Pantry helping establish school-based pantries within schools across the Cache and Logan School Districts.

I will bring this same commitment and compassion to my service in the Utah State Senate and will continue to seek ways to personally contribute to making a better life for all citizens of northern Utah.


It’s time to bring people together.

I believe in bringing people together to solve complex issues. This is how I run my business, and how I worked with UDOT, Logan City, and local businesses to resolve a traffic safety issue on Main Street.

I believe in listening to diverse voices and working together to find powerful solutions to challenging concerns. As your senator, I will work to unify leaders in business, education, city and county government and private citizens to create a shared vision to address smart growth in northern Utah, including road infrastructure, air quality, high-paying jobs, and affordable housing.


It’s time for bold level-headed leadership.

I believe my experience as a business and community leader is just what is needed as we seek economic recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have served on the New Car Dealers of Utah Association Board of Directors for the past five years and just completed a term as President. Locally, I serve on the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors, Economic Development Alliance, and Legislative Affairs Committee as chairman of the Revenue and Taxation Subcommittee.

My family business, Wilson Motor, survived the 2009 recession and thrived in the subsequent decade, preparing us for the current economic challenge. I have developed the skills to weather the storms of economic uncertainty and believe this skillset and knowledge can be beneficial in the state legislature in assisting others through the economic recovery process.

Furthermore, I remain optimistic that as our physical, mental, and economic health recovers, my experience, background, and dedication will continue to benefit those I serve through the end of my limited terms in office.

Get involved and support your hometown!